So, a little back story (emphasis on the little): I register for next semester’s classes today, and so does 70% of the students (so a few thousand people). As per usual, the internet on campus was completely shut down by everybody trying to register for classes at once. I’m only able to get on here by tethering to my phone and having to use its painfully slow EDGE connection (there’s no 3G with T-Mobile up here in New Paltz). Which works out well, because if….never mind, the internet is back, so ignore that last part, haha. That certainly sent a considerable amount of people into a panic. I’m hoping it goes out when I have to register again and I can use my phone’s internet and register before everyone else :).

So anyway…

The woes of class registration are many. The most popular is by far having your whole schedule set up all awesome with no early classes, off on Wednesdays and all classes you like. As per usual, the day (usually hour) before you register, 90% of the classes you wanted to get into are full. I’m a sophomore now, so I have the advantage over (most of) the current freshman and the incoming freshman, who don’t register until the summer, but being slightly behind in credits (last semester was a disaster) I end up registering after most of the sophomores. This leaves me very little classes to choose from and a schedule that’s far from what I originally anticipated. That’s college, though, and you just have to deal with it. Next semester should be nice, though and I’ll post about that later. For now, I think this is enough. I’ve got another hour before register and hopefully none of my major classes have been shut out (because that would suck HUGE balls) so until then, I’ll just find something to do to pass the time. Stress levels are over 9000.

Vinny Carnevale