I’ve been working on this montage for the past few weeks, so, like my last montage, I want to give you guys the details of it. I did this montage for a commentator Twigy (http://youtube.com/xitwigyix) who had posted a video on Machinima Respawn asking people to get his clips and edit them. So I did and I think it came out great. Special thanks to the Avon Junkies (http://avonjunkies.com) for letting me use their song, Let Me In. It took me so long to edit because I scrapped a few ideas and redid them. I currently have 3 fairly different versions of the montage on my hard drive. I might upload them as a comparison and my thought process.

Here’s the video! 720p is your friend.

The song:
Let Me In – Avon Junkies

Editing Software:
Sony Vegas Pro 10c

Video specifics:
Clips – 41 (including cinematics)
Resolution – 1280 x 720, Progressive, 7 MBPS bit rate
FPS – 59.94p (double NTSC)
Audio – 192khz, 44.1Khz, 16 bit Stereo.
Codec – Windows Media 10

Vinny Carnevale